2023 Schouten International Coaching Week
2023 Schouten International Coaching Week

2023 Schouten International Coaching Week


International Coaching Week (ICW) was initiated by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) in 1999, and is dedicated to disseminating and educating the public on the value of working with professional coaches, and allowing clients to experience the impact and progress brought by coaching through the process of coaching dialogue with them.

To welcome the International Coaching Week from May 8-14, 2023, as the exclusive official partner of Co-Creative Training Institute (CTI) and CRR Global in Greater China, Schouten China will hold the "Unlock the Potential" International Coaching Week series to support alumni's coaching learning and promote coaching culture to the general public and professionals, and looking forward to your participation.
The event gathered global and local practices from all over the world, and presented the all-round influence of coaching at the level of organizational development and personal growth through the two main event themes of "Unlock Your Potential - CAC" and "Explore the Potential of Your Team - ORSC".

Explore the Potential of Your Team



Teams all hope for continuous growth and better performance over a longer period of time. In the corporate environment, team coaching is becoming an increasingly important intervention because achieving outstanding team performance requires aligning goals, maintaining innovation, and quickly adapting to internal and external changes.
ORSC starting from a systemic perspective, regards teams and organizations as coached clients, helping them react, solve problems, and self-upgrade.
As the number of Chinese alumni of Organizational & Relationship System Coaching continues to expand and continue to practice, we deeply feel that the application of Organizational Relationship System Coaching to organizational change has gradually formed a trend, and there are greater possibilities in this field, waiting for us to unleash the potential of the team.
This ORSC-themed event will focus on "Explore the Potential of Your Team", and we are honored to invite Mish Middelmann, founder of CRR South Africa and ORS@work global program manager; Yuri Morikawa, founder of CRR Japan; and CRR China mentors Rebecca Hou Yinghua, Chen Ying Devika, and Zhou Jie to share how ORSC can be promoted and applied in organizations. With interactive workshops and case reproductions, we invite everyone to experience it comprehensively.

Unlock Your Potential



Coaching is a talent development and performance improvement strategy used by organizations to enhance the leadership of company executives and high-potential employees, achieving higher employee engagement, job satisfaction, and team performance.
Coaching is also a way of finding new goals and meaning. When you are confused, coaches can help you see your life clearly, refocus on the most important goals, and develop a plan to achieve them.
According to ICF estimates, there were about 71,000 professional coaches worldwide in 2019 (not only using coaching skills but also getting paid through coaching business), an increase of 33% compared to 2015. The total global coaching revenue was $2.849 billion, an increase of 21% compared to 2015.
This year is the 13th year that co-active coaching has entered China. We have trained nearly 1,500 co-creative coaches in China. How can coaches improve their personal leadership and career development? How can coaches support individuals in overcoming the confusion of career transitions and find the motivation to start over? How can coaches inspire everyone to create value driven by the meaning of life?
This co-active coaching-themed event will focus on "Unlock the Potential", bringing together practical sharing and personal stories from coaches around the world and in China, fully demonstrating the application and growth of coaching.
We sincerely welcome new and old friends to join Schouten
Share and witness each other's coaching and learning experiences
Explore diverse coaching applications
Refresh our career and life horizons
"Unlock the potential."
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