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Schouten China Soft Skills Trainer International Certification Program includes professional soft skills.


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Course overview

Schouten China’s Training for Trainer Program contains all necessary knowledge and skills to start or deepen your career as a qualified trainer in the professional and personal development of people.

Introduction of the Course:
Schouten China’ s Training for Trainers International Certification Program combines all necessary skills you will need as a professional trainer. Before being rewarded with a globally recognized certificate, you will learn how to:
Have a real impact on learning and organizational results 
A good design of your program will help you to put all your knowledge and skills together while offering your participants enough structure to open up and feel safe. You will learn how to have a positive impact by helping your participants to move through different learning stages: to know, to understand and to do. On top of that, you will also be able to adapt your design to the different learning styles of your participants (KOLB).
Position your participant in the center 
Position your participant in the center: by conducting a valuable ‘personal goal setting interview’ and applying state of the art assessments you will learn to truly understand where your participants come from and what they need to make their next step. What are your participants’ strengths? Values? Dreams? Pains? Concerns? Provide a safe environment and be in contact with all participants. Every training program has its challenges: participants without learning goals, who challenge your authority or are maybe too eager to learn and take all the time and energy from others. Understand how to signal what’s happening in a group, and how to effectively use this to help the group and every individual to get the most out of their learning experience. Having a connection with all participants is a crucial component of this approach.
Use your ‘whole’ being as a trainer During the program, you will recognize your strengths as a trainer and human being, and you will have to use your unique parts in the best way possible during your training programs. Learn how to train ‘by example’ and encourage your participants to go outside their comfort zones to stretch, learn and grow.


Everything you need to be a professional trainer Participants disengage from their learning if the content of the program and the didactical instruments do not connect to individual learning objectives. Schouten China’ s Training for Trainers program will provide you with the right learning intervention tools and didactical instruments to effectively engage your participants and support them in their learning. Conducting role-play exercises to experiment with new behavior is an essential intervention tool you will learn to use in your unique training programs.

Curriculum charter

The total Training for Trainers Certification Program consists out of one Fundamentals and four Intermediate modules and one examination moment. The total duration of the whole TFT program is six months.

Essentiels 3 Days

Fundamentals will provide you with an essential toolbox that you need as a trainer. The module will cover how you can provide structure and focus to create an optimal learning environment for your participants. The Fundamentals will provide a platform for you to explore and define what kind of trainer you want to be. You will get a clear idea what the role of a trainer is about. 
You will learn about: 
• Essential communication as a soft-skill trainer • How to give feedback that supports learning • Steering and Following as a trainer • How to stimulate learning and interaction • How to focus on behavioral change and use roleplay. This Fundamentals module is perfect both for freshman in the trainers-profession as well as for more experienced trainers who do not have formal education in training and for experienced trainers who wants to get licensed by IBCT. After this Fundamentals you can either stop or apply for the certification and of course you can continue with the Intermediate program.

Didactics & Design 3 Days

Develop your trainer toolbox 
This module will help you to know when and which didactic tools you can use in guiding your participants from A to Z. 
• Develop your trainer toolbox • How to make a psychological contract with your group? • Grow your trainer skills with didactic work formats that proven to be most effective. • Learn valuable educational conversation, carousel and role-play methods. • Focus on structuring your work format and extensively practice working with handouts. • Know how to design a high-level course by linking learning objectives and result evaluation. • How to come from clients’ needs to behavioral goals and finally a trainer’s script? We show you the essentials steps and teach you what questions to ask.


Trainer as a person 3 Days

Be prepared for anything After defining your characteristics as a trainer, we are going to look more closely how we can optimize your own personal qualities as a trainer. You will receive a lot of feedback, since you will practice and get tips to improve. Anything can happen while you are in front of the group, that’s why you need to know who you are as a person and stay connected with your core values and core qualities as a trainer. • How to manage the pressure of the group and the demands you place upon yourself. We connect you with a so called “trainers-state”.
• Know how to use the Schouten compass model to find qualities, remove constraints and personal barriers. • Learn how to use your strengths to help other people find theirs.
• Know how to manage yourself during those demanding training moments and connect with your inner values and beliefs that will guide you what questions to ask.


Group Dynamics 3 Days

Confidence with any group 
Each group goes through a development. Not all groups will have the same result. Which phases does the group go through during training • Recognize group processes and be an expert in dealing with challenging situations in groups. • How to guide a group and the group dynamics that will arise. What needs does the group and its members have? How can you navigate throughout this needs and stay in the learningmindset. • Gain profound insights on how to guide your group dynamics to keep the training valuable for everyone. • Learn from real work cases based on critical incidents. • How to deal with silent groups, how to deal with too critical groups? You will learn to diagnose and intervene.

Integration 3 Days

Integrating and building impactful training
Integration for impactful training Connect knowledge about learning styles with designing trainings full of impact and stimulate transfer of knowledge.
• Deepening your knowledge and experience about behavioral change by more practicing with role play.
• Connect all the knowledge from the previous modules to make your very own training style.
• Become an expert in knowing how to deal with situations that require you to improvise.
• Design and facilitate your own training.
• Get ready for the real world


About certification

Our Fundamentals and our Intermediate Train the Trainer program is certified by the IBCT (International Board of Certified Trainers). IBCT is a not-for-profit foundation. They were founded in 1988 in the United States. Currently their head quarter is in the Netherlands. They operate worldwide and currently have more than 20.000 certified graduates. Graduates of our Fundamentals and of our Intermediate Train the Trainer program are entitled to use a certification degree after their name, may use the certification hallmark on printed and virtual matters and receive a certificate “IBCT Associate Trainer” and/or “IBCT Professional Trainer” After the Fundamentals you can get certified as an IBCT Associate Trainer when you successfully completed your homework, delivered a training-session and successfully completed our online exam. If you want to be certified as a IBCT Certified Professional Trainer you need to deal with the following requirements:
1. We monitor your participation, your trainers-attitude and you write a reflection about your development.
2. We check your knowledge about designing and didactics, by making a trainers-script of a 1-day training.
3. You deliver your own training

Alumni Stories
We are dedicated to helping organizations, teams and individuals around the world unlock and unleash their potential! How strong the crew is, how strong the ship is!

Co-active coaching was chosen for its strength and influence. The excellent state of the dual instructors brewed a great atmosphere, and the highly interactive and immersive teaching style made the learning process enjoyable, and I gained like-minded friends while acquiring knowledge. After this journey, I see myself walking more and more confidently and freely on the road of coaching for myself and others.

Tang Zili, former CEO of a multinational company in China-- 2021-12-30

Between the Co-Active Coaching Foundation, Intermediate and Certification, I left up to one or two years to verify its effectiveness before deciding to continue my studies. During this marathon training, co-active coaching has accompanied me to become a more confident, relaxed and influential person to others, and has laid a solid foundation for me to become a professional coach and trainer now.

Jie Zhou, former director of a Fortune 500 foreign company-- 2021-12-30

Schouten Soft Skills Trainer course is very different, and the application of DRAMA in training is very bright and beneficial to me. The partners in the learning group are still supporting each other and interacting with each other even now, 7 years later.

Wei-Fen Luo, former AGFA North Asia HR Director-- 2021-12-30

My overall experience with the training has been very positive, from registration to completion, you are well guided and motivated to accomplish your practical tasks. The online learning environment is also accessible, and if you have any questions, you will get a quick answer.

Harald Jacqueline-- 2021-11-8

Fun and interactive training where you can actively work with trainers and fellow students to achieve your learning goals. Sharing practical assignments and experiences online provides an additional dimension to the sessions.

Wedershoven-- 2021-10-22

Very positive. This was my first training from SN. The training met my expectations. It's good to "warm up to the course day in an online learning environment so you can make the most of it. It's too bad we were with a very small group. Before that, there was enough time for individual instruction, but I also wish there were more "peers" to bicker with

Heijden. Leontien van der.-- 2021-10-24
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