Organizational and relational systems coaching can provide breakthrough models and powerful methods for coaching whether applied to organizations, businesses, teams, or even intimate relationships.

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Whether your expertise is in corporate business, partnerships or personal relationships, the skills in the class is a solid foundation for your work.


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Course overview

The Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching™ Program (ORSC™) is a groundbreaking model for coaching relationship systems in organizations and groups, teams, partnerships, and couples.

Introduction of the Course

Whether your specialty is in corporate work, partnerships or personal relationships, this relationship systems model is foundational to your work. The breakthrough paradigm shift is holding the relationship as the client, rather than each individual involved in the system. This subtle shift has a profound impact on your coaching. The ORSC™ Program was developed in response to the expressed desire of coaches as well as allied professionals to develop skills, competency and confidence in being able to expertly work with relationship systems in a new way. It pioneers a breakthrough integrative model that introduces a Unified Field Theory derived from Co-Active Coaching®, Systems Theory, Process Work, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Quantum Physics and Taoism
The ORSC Program is for:
(Business or life) coaches
Facilitators and trainers
Mental health professionals (therapists or family counselors)
Organizational development professionals
HR consultants

Curriculum charter

The core curriculum consists of five courses: one Fundamentals and four Intermediate modules. Each intensive Intermediate module lasts three days and is based on experiential learning. The ORSC Training Program is a 12 month program, consisting of five in-person experiential workshops. For deepening your coaching practice you can advance with the CRR Certification Program after Intermediate. All courses are led by CRR Global Faculty members. They are highly qualified and experienced coach practitioners who will share with you real-life examples of the successful application of tools and competencies. At CRR Global, we practice experiential learning with a focus on active participation and learning by doing. There will be numerous opportunities for you to coach and facilitate, as well as to receive feedback on your newly acquired relationship systems coaching skills


2 days
The fundamentals course explores a ground breaking model for coaching teams, families, couples, and organizations. Whether your practice area is personal coaching, family therapy or business coaching, the ORSC model will change the way you work. You will be introduced to a cutting-edge coaching model based on Systems Theory, Process Work, Family Systems Therapy, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Quantum Physics, Co-Active Coaching®, and Taoism. At its core is an evolution of the principles of Emotional Intelligence (relationship with oneself ), and Social Intelligence (relationship with other) to Relationship Systems Intelligence where the focus is on the collective wisdom of the group, team or system. 12 CCEU’s (ICF).



A Roadmap for Change 3 days

Change is inevitable, constant, and necessary, and the ability to navigate change is a hallmark of systemic health. In this course, you will explore and map the role emotions play in human relationship systems and learn how to help others establish a “locus of control”. This paradigm shift will enable them to embrace the idea that change is a normal phenomenon--the key to systemic evolution. This course provides a robust toolkit for increasing emotional resilience in the face of change. 18 CCEU’s (ICF).



Roles & Structure 3 days

Geography builds upon the theories and Meta Skills brought forth in the Fundamentals and Intelligence courses. It is, so to speak, where the rubber meets the road. When we start to develop relationships, at work or in our families, we create semi-permanent structures. Geography explores how to recognize and nurture those structures. The two primary components of the Geography course are Lands Work and Roles. 18 CCEU’s (ICF).


About certification

Leadership is a role that is part of a system that appears in the most unlikely places and with the most unlikely people. We believe that by working together, we can make the world, from the living room to the boardroom - for families, communities and organizations - a more inclusive and diverse place. CRR Global is committed to empowering our students and clients to acquire relational systems awareness by providing world-class training and thought leadership. Our talented team of instructors, using their collective strength and wisdom, play a vital role in the families, communities and organizations we reach, and the more than 10,000 practitioners we train spread this to six continents around the world. CRR Global Each relational system develops its own unique identity Relational systems rely on deep democracy, and each voice is the voice of the system Relational systems are inherently productive, intelligent and creative Relational systems rely on each actor to perform their function.

Alumni Stories
We are dedicated to helping organizations, teams and individuals around the world unlock and unleash their potential! How strong the crew is, how strong the ship is!

Schouten Soft Skills Trainer course is very different, and the application of DRAMA in training is very bright and beneficial to me. The partners in the learning group are still supporting each other and interacting with each other even now, 7 years later.

Wei-Fen Luo, former AGFA North Asia HR Director-- 2021-12-30

Co-active coaching was chosen for its strength and influence. The excellent state of the dual instructors brewed a great atmosphere, and the highly interactive and immersive teaching style made the learning process enjoyable, and I gained like-minded friends while acquiring knowledge. After this journey, I see myself walking more and more confidently and freely on the road of coaching for myself and others.

Tang Zili, former CEO of a multinational company in China-- 2021-12-30

Between the Co-Active Coaching Foundation, Intermediate and Certification, I left up to one or two years to verify its effectiveness before deciding to continue my studies. During this marathon training, co-active coaching has accompanied me to become a more confident, relaxed and influential person to others, and has laid a solid foundation for me to become a professional coach and trainer now.

Jie Zhou, former director of a Fortune 500 foreign company-- 2021-12-30

My overall experience with the training has been very positive, from registration to completion, you are well guided and motivated to accomplish your practical tasks. The online learning environment is also accessible, and if you have any questions, you will get a quick answer.

Harald Jacqueline-- 2021-11-8

Very positive. This was my first training from SN. The training met my expectations. It's good to "warm up to the course day in an online learning environment so you can make the most of it. It's too bad we were with a very small group. Before that, there was enough time for individual instruction, but I also wish there were more "peers" to bicker with

Heijden. Leontien van der.-- 2021-10-24

Fun and interactive training where you can actively work with trainers and fellow students to achieve your learning goals. Sharing practical assignments and experiences online provides an additional dimension to the sessions.

Wedershoven-- 2021-10-22
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