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Co-active Coaching

Co-creative coaching is widely recognized as the highest level coaching certification program in the industry.


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Course overview

Co-Active Coaching Training Program

Based on the widely recognized co-active coaching model theory, it is not only an ICF-accredited program, but also has gained the reputation of "the most rigorous" in the industry.
Co-active coaching originated in the United States in 1992, and is the first ACTP course in the world to be certified by ICF and the largest coach training program in the world. Based on the theory of co-active coaching model, co-active coaching can bring you both depth and breadth of training, so that you can be comfortable in coaching different people and different topics.
The co-active model is the true knowledge derived from practice and is regarded as the "gold standard" by the Institute of Coaching of Harvard Medical School. They have found the four cornerstones of the co-creative coaching model and the correlation with empirical research.


Curriculum charter

The Co-Active Coach Training Program is a 12 month program, consisting of five in-person experiential workshops. For deepening your coaching practice you can advance with the CTI Certification Program after Intermediate.


Target Participants

For professional coaches or participants who wish to become independent or internal coaches in professional and/or personal development. This training program is also suitable for managers, HR business partners, L&D professionals, trainers and teachers, etc., who wish to acquire effective skills and apply them in practice. Participants learn by doing, are willing to reflect, and have at least a bachelor's degree or equivalent.

Co-Active Coaching/Essentiels

Time: 2.5 days
Number of people: 18-26
Language: Chinese, English



Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, you will be able to
l Help others achieve their personal goals
l Clients can use the skills they already have
l Ask key questions to enhance transformation
l Improve your professional coaching skills by applying the foundations and concepts of the co-active coaching program










Co-Active Coach/Intermediate
Time: Total have 4 modules, each modules are 3 days
Number of people: 18-26
Language: Chinese, English

Course 1: Fulfillment
Deriving deep meaning and satisfaction from life.

Program Outcomes:
In this course, you will develop skills for helping clients discover their unique values, identify self-defeating influences, and create their own vision for a compelling future. Fulfillment coaching is about having clients let go of preconceived rules and limitations, and step into creating lives that are centered in what truly brings them alive.




Course 2: Balance
Making powerful choices and taking effective action.

Course Outcomes:
In this course, coaches learn to assist their clients in developing new perspectives and creating a plan of action grounded in commitment. We live our lives in constant motion. It’s easy to forget that we have choice in what we do. Balance coaching is about guiding your clients to make powerful life choices, and to select the experiences they want most, rather than dashing about trying to have it all.

Course 3: Process
Fully experiencing the richness of any given moment.

Course Outcomes:
Coaches learn how to help clients work through emotionally-charged issues and to understand that, although uncomfortable, a client's mess, chaos, and confusion are part of his or her forward motion. Being with clients in both their messy and ecstatic places allows them to feel known, and in that mirror, to more fully know themselves.

Course 4: Synergy
Integrates all of the learning principles into one powerful cohesive skill: Co-Active Coaching.

Course Outcomes:
This course focuses on integrating the coaching skills learned in previous courses and taking them to a higher level of impact and professionalism. It provides polish, depth and courage to better respond to a wide range of clients and coaching situations with creativity, confidence, and power.

About certification

ICF Certification
The most stringent coach certification in the industry, with professional qualification of ICF certified coach training program.

ACC Coach Level

The course learning and coaching hours completed by ACC coach level to become a CPCC can be used to apply for ICF Assistant Level Coach (ACC) qualification.

Individual Supervision 

Through individual supervision in client phone sessions, you will receive feedback from senior mentor coaches to develop your coaching skills and deepen your understanding of the co-creative coaching model.

Personalized Feedback

You'll work with real customers and get in-depth personalized feedback from real training sessions.


Improve your coaching level and mastery through modeling, practice, feedback, adjustments and more practice.  


Professional Coaching Network

You will join a strong community and network of professional co-creative coaches.

Alumni Stories
We are dedicated to helping organizations, teams and individuals around the world unlock and unleash their potential! How strong the crew is, how strong the ship is!

Between the Co-Active Coaching Foundation, Intermediate and Certification, I left up to one or two years to verify its effectiveness before deciding to continue my studies. During this marathon training, co-active coaching has accompanied me to become a more confident, relaxed and influential person to others, and has laid a solid foundation for me to become a professional coach and trainer now.

Jie Zhou, former director of a Fortune 500 foreign company-- 2021-12-30

Co-active coaching was chosen for its strength and influence. The excellent state of the dual instructors brewed a great atmosphere, and the highly interactive and immersive teaching style made the learning process enjoyable, and I gained like-minded friends while acquiring knowledge. After this journey, I see myself walking more and more confidently and freely on the road of coaching for myself and others.

Tang Zili, former CEO of a multinational company in China-- 2021-12-30

Schouten Soft Skills Trainer course is very different, and the application of DRAMA in training is very bright and beneficial to me. The partners in the learning group are still supporting each other and interacting with each other even now, 7 years later.

Wei-Fen Luo, former AGFA North Asia HR Director-- 2021-12-30

My overall experience with the training has been very positive, from registration to completion, you are well guided and motivated to accomplish your practical tasks. The online learning environment is also accessible, and if you have any questions, you will get a quick answer.

Harald Jacqueline-- 2021-11-8

Fun and interactive training where you can actively work with trainers and fellow students to achieve your learning goals. Sharing practical assignments and experiences online provides an additional dimension to the sessions.

Wedershoven-- 2021-10-22

Very positive. This was my first training from SN. The training met my expectations. It's good to "warm up to the course day in an online learning environment so you can make the most of it. It's too bad we were with a very small group. Before that, there was enough time for individual instruction, but I also wish there were more "peers" to bicker with

Heijden. Leontien van der.-- 2021-10-24
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